Hospital Grade Natural Cleaning Products and Air Conditioner Cleaning Equipment

Mission Control™ Nuke™ products

Mission Control™ Nuke™ products are Australian owned & made. We provide 100% natural cleaning products and processes that leave a protective barrier against disease and mould for up to 3 months.

The first of its kind in Australia; utilising a 100% natural, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous formula that uses a physical action to destroy 99.9% of bacteria such as E Coli, Noro virus, Salmonella and influenza, just to name a few. Because our products use a physical action to destroy bacteria, it is impossible for germs to build immunity against it and develop into Superbugs. Learn more here.

Own your own Mission Control™ business

Mission Control HQ also offer exclusive Business Starter Packages that include everything the owner needs to start an all-in-one Room Sanitisation, Mould Removal & Air Conditioner Cleaning business. Learn more here.

In addition, Mission Control HQ are seeking Distributors in a wide selection of regions, to sell both the wholesale products and Business Starter Packages. Mission Control™ could easily be your primary income or an add-on to your existing business. Learn more here.

Nuke Product Range

The Nuke™ Range of 100% Natural Commercial and Retail Products

Our Nuke™ range of cleaning products are the first of their kind in Australia. They not only eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, but also leave a protective barrier against re-infection. They are 100% natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, asthma & allergy friendly and non-hazardous.

Mission Control™ Business Pack and Nuke™ Product Distributors Wanted

Mission Control HQ have released an incredible opportunity to become distributors of our Nuke™ products and Mission Control™ business packs. Regions will be allocated by postcodes, so be quick! Click here to enquire about Business Packs or Distributorships.

Get Your Own Complete Mission Control™ Business Starter Pack

Start your own Mission Control™ Business with everything you need to clean air conditioners, fog entire rooms, remove mould and steam clean virtually anything. There are no monthly Franchise fees, just a low initial purchase cost and a very low annual licence fee.

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