A fantastic opportunity to own a one of a kind Business

The Mission Control™ Business Package includes everything you need to start an all-in-one Room Sanitisation, Mould Removal & Air Conditioner Cleaning business. It is not a franchise but an entire business pack for you to run as is, or add to your existing business offerings. There are no monthly fees or franchise percentages, just a low annual licensing fee that also allows you to use the Mission Control™ name, logo and marketing materials.

As part of your license, you are then allowed to on-sell most of the Mission Control™ Nuke™ cleaning products to those you do jobs for. You can even directly approach retail outlets and become their supplier of the products on an ongoing basis. this means that whenever they need to re-order, they do so through you and you make at least 20% profit on every item you sell each time. The only items you cannot on-sell is the equipment itself and the ADS Nuke™ Fogging Agent that works with your equipment. This is because you will want businesses to use your room sanitisation, mould removal and room fogging services as well as buying cleaning products from you.

  • Complete with an Italian made, commercial grade, Mission Control™ Aerial Delivery System that includes air conditioner cleaning attachments, room fogger, cleaning agent applicator, air dryer, built in steam vacuum and many steam cleaning attachments including mould removal tools. All this and yet it is so compact that it only weighs 12 kg!
  • Also includes exclusive aircon cover removal tool kit, multi-purpose ladder, aircon cleaning catchment bag, lockout kit, anemometer for A/C airflow and temp testing, voltage tester, a universal A/C remote and a first aid kit.
  • The list continues with a trolley that has waterproof storage bag for catchment bag and hoses, huge storage container for all cleaning agents, 20 litre Nuke HVAC Clean, 10 litre ADS Nuke concentrate, 5 litre Nuke Pro Clean and all application and safety equipment. What’s more, online training is provided for everything.
  • You also receive a SEO optimised Facebook page (value $1000), set up and ready to use for promotions & advertising. You can even share Mission Control HQ Facebook posts & blogs to your page.

You even have the option to purchase a range of optional extras, such as an ATP Bacteria testing kit, (including 25 swabs), thermal imaging camera, Social Media and Digital Management programs or perhaps a Business Coaching Package, (to help build and drive your business forward), plus many more.

It’s your Mission Control business from Day One.


Mission Control™ products are Australian owned & made. We provide 100% natural cleaning products & processes that leave a protective barrier against disease and mould for up to 3 months.

The first of its kind in Australia, utilising a 100% natural, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly formula that uses physical action to kill 99.9% of bacteria like E Coli, Noro virus and influenza, just to name a few.

Because our products use a physical action to destroy bacteria, not a chemical reaction, it is impossible for the bacteria to build immunity against it and develop into Superbugs.

Here are just a few examples of businesses you could approach


  • Households
  • District Councils
  • Hospitals & Medical Centres
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Day Care Centres
  • Cruise Ship Companies
  • Motels & Holiday Resorts
  • Schools & Universities
  • Restaurants & Fast Food
  • Shopping Centres
  • Real Estate Property Managers
  • Vets & Pet Stores… the list is endless


A scenario for you:

A cruise ship has just had a gastro outbreak and the media have found out. The publicity of yet another gastro outbreak on a cruise ship is damaging their reputation. You offer them the unique Mission Control™ service to sanitise and ‘Nuke’ their cabins and public areas, highlighting the fact that the ADS Nuke will not only kill the virus but also leave a protective barrier that lasts up to 3 months. It’s asthma & allergy friendly, non toxic and environmentally friendly. You then book them in for another service in 3 months.

A huge contract for you… how many machines would you like?


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