Mission Control™ ADS Machine

Exclusively designed and built to our high standards, our commercial grade equipment is made in Italy using only high quality, Italian made components.
The ADS (Aerial Delivery System) Machine is designed to apply Nuke™ HVAC Clean, steam clean air conditioners, dry the interior of the air conditioners, work as a wet vac, remove mould and apply our premium product, ADS Nuke™ through a fog applicator.

The ADS Machine comes with a range of heads and applicators to use in your business.

There are no filters or bags to change, since it uses the natural properties of water and steam to ensure the maximum hygiene and cleanness, while respecting the environment.

The ADS Machine uses high temperature steam to deep clean below the surface and effectively lift built up dirt and grime unlike other cleaners on the market. The ADS Machine can deep clean a huge variety of everyday surfaces including floors, walls, windows, curtains, upholstery furniture, mattresses, kitchens and bathrooms. It is the perfect cleaning machine for a large range of commercial uses including cruise ships, medical centres, childcare centres, hotels, cafes, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, contract cleaners and many more.

Note: All of this equipment is only available to Mission Control™ Business Owners or Distributors!

The below ADS Machine has the features shown and comes complete with the attachments shown further down the page. It also has a 3 metre steam/vac hose with the steam and vacuum controls right on the main handle. Plus, a torch attachment for working in darkened areas, such as the internals of split air conditioners. If you would like to be the proud owner of one of these exclusive machines, you will need to purchase a Mission Control™ Business Starter Pack or Distributorship.

ADS Machine Technical Features:

Steam Pressure: 8 Bar
Recharging System: Auto/Manual
Ready Steam: 6 Min
Boiler size: 2.5 Lt
Boiler material: Stainless Steel
Vacuum: YES 5 Levels
Vacuum power: 2400W
Vacuum Tank Capacity: 6 Lt
Detergent Injection: YES
Fog Applicator
Size: 37 x 30 x 50
Weight: 12Kg


Some of Our important Features:

Plastic high-resistance protections against shocks
Built-in rubber cable reel
Cooled ergonomic handle
Intuitive switchboard with digital display
Controls and adjustments also on the handle
Double turbine motor
Great collection capacity up to 6 litres
The biggest water filter in its category
Molecular separator
Steam at 8 bar with unlimited supply
Energy-saving boiler

Included Attachments List

A) Air Dryer attachment and 3m hose for coils etc.
B) A/C drain vacuum hose attachment.
C) A/C drain steam flush attachment.
D) Long Steam Lance, plastic covered.
E) Vacuum Brush for behind barrel fan etc.
F) Short Steam Lance for close proximity work.
G) Foaming extension for cleaning agent application, (attaches to short lance).
H) Wire and Nylon Brushes for scrubbing coils etc., (attaches to short lance).
I) Cleaning agent no-spill fill bottle.
J) Long vacuum flexi-hose for getting behind coils etc.
K) 2 x Extensions for floor cleaning, reaching ceilings etc.
L) Combo Steam/Vac Head for upholstery, bench tops, mould removal etc.
M) Large Steam/Vac Head for floors, windows etc.
N) Upholstery and Crevice Vacuum Heads.
O) Corner Steam Head w/cloth clamps for mould removal, stubborn dirt etc.


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