Yet another victim is fighting for their life due to the influenza outbreak Australia is currently facing. This time a 10 year old boy. It is more than heartbreaking seeing what the victims and their families are going through.

I have been back in the lab again and the latest results have been more than encouraging:

Direct influenza infection level of 6664 RLU (ATP test unit)

After using ProClean and ADS Nuke the level was 4 RLU

After direct reinfection  21 RLU

At 20 minutes after reinfection 8 RLU

I have developed 100% natural products that can fight influenza bacteria and leave a protective barrier against reinfection. All I need are Business Package licensees to clean and protect Australia!

Business licenses are currently available for all states. If you would like to be a knight in shining armor, fighting & protecting against illness and infection, all while running your own unique business, please contact me today or visit


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